La evolución del reloj de lujo / The evolution of the luxury watch


Evolution of the Luxury Watch
  Si hay algo con lo que yo no puedo salir de mi casa, eso es mi reloj, soy muy compulsiva con el tiempo, valoro mucho el tiempo, no me gusta hacer perder el tiempo a nadie y mucho menos me agrada que me lo hagan perder a mi, me siento vacía si no llevo mi reloj, recuerdo que cuando me mude de mi casa lo primero que quise tener es un reloj de pared y podría tener uno en cada ambiente de mi casa,  supongo que mi gusto por los relojes, se debe a que mi padre se dedica a repararlos, por sus manos han pasado muchos relojes, algunos de lujo como Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Omega, Longiness, Bulova, y alguna vez pude apreciar esas máquinas.

Tengo la impresión que con la llegada del celular la gente dejo los relojes de lado, sin embargo por mas que pueda ver la hora en el celular para mi no es lo mismo,  puedo dejar de usar pulseras pero no un reloj y si alguna vez tengo la oportunidad por supuesto me encantaría tener uno de lujo, es por ello que quiero compartir esta imagen con ustedes que resume la evolución del reloj de lujo, ¿Tienen un reloj de lujo? ¿Pueden estar ustedes sin usar su reloj? Cuéntenme en sus comentarios. ¡Feliz miércoles!


If there is something that I can not leave my house , that's my watch , I'm very compulsive with time, I value the time I do not like to waste anyone's time , let alone like me I do lose to me, I feel empty if I do my watch , I remember when I moved from my home the first thing I wanted to have is a wall clock and could have one in every room of my house , I guess my taste in watches, is because my father is engaged in repair , for He has made many watches , some luxury like Rolex , Patek Philippe, Omega , Longiness , Bulova , and sometimes I could see these machines.

I have the impression that with the advent of cell phones, watches people leave aside , however for more you can see the time on the phone to me is not the same, I can stop wearing bracelets but not a watch and if any once I have the opportunity of course I love to have one luxury , which is why I want to share this picture with you that summarizes the evolution of luxury watch , do you have a luxury watch ? Can be you not wear your watch ? Tell me in your comments. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Same here! I cannot leave my house with my Michael Kors watch! It's an essential for me! Great post girl! Sorry it took so long for us to reply. Its midterm week! We are following back!

  2. i can't live without a watch. i used to sleep in it too! but i somehow managed to get rid of that ridiculous habit. who read time when they are asleep. lol.


  3. That is so interesting! I have to book mark this. I didn't know. Thanks!

  4. antes no podia vivir sin reloj, pero tienes much razon al decir que con los celulares hemos precindido de ellos... creo que lo pondre en mi lista de compras...

  5. I overuse my watches so much that they run out of battery when I least expect. For me, right now, the perfect luxury watch would be a gold face, men's watch, with no frills whatsoever. Think Michael Kors..ooh, gotta have one of those! :)

    - Che


    1. Chezca I also like these watches, but if I get to choose one would choose a Rolex ;)

  6. A watch is definitely a great accessory to have!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Wow. I love this post! It's so informational!! Thanks a lot ♥
    I am obsessed jewelry and watches!

    ♥, www.Styleat30.com
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  8. Really interesting post! xx


  9. Los relojes son el complemento ideal. Interesante post.

  10. I can't live without my watch! I love Rolex!!!
    Happy friday Rebeca!!!!

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  12. Me too, cant ever leave the house without a watch :) Thanks for sharing love :*


  13. Such an interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dear Rebeca, I have the same opinion like you and at least on work days I don´t leave the house without a watch. The time line about the luxery watch brands which you show here is really interesting, many thanks for that.

    And regarding your question, I think one of my best pieces is my Breitling watch, which I got as a present from my lovely husband last Christmas and on which I´m really proud. But I like also my watch from Maurice Lacroix.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  15. ¡Qué interesante, Rebeca! A mí en cambio, no me gusta llevar reloj. En cuanto tengo vacaciones, me lo quito y es toda una liberación para mí.
    Un besote de  Lamiradadeluci

  16. Tiene buena pinta, te lo pasaste muy bien no?

  17. de todas as marcas que apareceram, acho que só conheço umas três heheh

    Muito obrigada por comentar no meu blog!
    Sempre que atualizar me mande um recado no meu blog, que virei aqui comentar! Fica mais fácil para eu não esquecer e sempre estar aqui mantendo contato! ;)

    Beeeijooos, @re_becah






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