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Hello girls, soon autumn will be again in this part of the world and it is time to talk about the trends we will see this season, many of them we have already seen in summer versions such as flared sleeves, or off the shoulders top that we will continue to see during the coming months.


If this season you are thinking about renewing your wardrobe before buying it is good to know what are the details that will mark the garments this season. Street style in the main fashion week of the world has made the message clear, comfort is still the priority of fashionistas but without leaving aside the glamor and I can not agree more, that is why it has left me happy Stylewe proposal for this season for each piece apart from being functional is very comfortable and brings style to whoever wears it.

The black vichy blouse with buckle at the neck and asymmetric cut has not left me indifferent, it seems perfect for a business meeting or for an evening out depending on which is combined at the bottom.

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The blouses are characterized by puff sleeves, the ruffles and flared sleeves will be present, the commitment to comfort brings us a variety of oversize designs. The seventies continue to inspire the designers' proposals, I like the stripes continue to stomp this season as well as the high waist pants that stylize the silhouette.

The light blue striped blouse seems ideal for a slim figure because it brings volume and if you know how to combine marking other areas such as the waist you can achieve a good visual balance In what occasions can you wear it? It seems perfect for the office if your work deserves to look trendy or if you do not have a specific dress code you can play with risky design like this one.

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In terms of fabrics and colors, the paintings in their different versions are still in trend but the protagonists are the vichy and the Prince of Wales, which has a gray color, so take note, wear dresses, skirts, blazers, blouses and pants There is something for everyone.

This blouse in earth tones reminds me of eighties fashion, I remember having a garment similar to this in my childhood and I'm glad to return for this season, it has a vintage look and looks very comfortable. Perfect for a family outing or with friends.

The soft tones like blue and pink continue to set the trend, so I chose this pink top off the shoulders and ruffles on the sleeves ideal for outings at night, for a dinner with friends or a party. How would you combine it? I recommend you visit the web to see the different angles of each garment and the details and finishes, I love it this design.

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The unstructured shirts become a "must have" I found a model in sky blue with the shoulders in the air and flared sleeves that will not go unnoticed, if you are one of those who likes to risk and be with the latest in fashion piece like this can not be missing in your wardrobe.

I recently showed you on my Instagram account a sweater with a tribal design and that this type of design gains strength this season either as a print or embroidered details like the white blouse with bohemian reminiscences and that can be easily combined with a cowboy or a corduroy skirt, if you like the bohemian style keep in mind these recommendations.

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Sure family events are going to be the order of the day in terms of dresses we will also see the details mentioned above, but less explicitly, I selected some models that most impressed me from the Stylewe online boutique, the midi model in beige is simple but elegant details such as turtle neck and small ruffles on the sleeves are discreet and give a special touch, is elegant, super settler and an ideal material for low temperatures.

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If you are one of those who have a more conservative style and prefer a more sober model that conveys elegance, this asymmetrical midi model in baby blue will not go unnoticed, an ideal design that you can take to a wedding or cocktail. Do you notice that midi dresses fascinate me? I like them, I think that for an event it is successful, the design at the top is out of the ordinary and the color too, I would definitely choose it because I feel it will make me shine wherever I wear it.

We will continue to see many proposals with ruffles such as the black and white dress or pink dress with a side maxi ruffle and flared sleeves models that are for those who prefer to break schemes and not go unnoticed in meetings, I chose them because they are striking designs but without losing the elegance, if you are thin and you want to bring some volume to your silhouette this model will be your best choice, if you like to take risks, your style is sophisticated these designs have been designed in you.

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Maybe you are already familiar with these trends because in the summer there have been many proposals such as those coming for the fall, I hope that this guide can help you to better select the new pieces for your wardrobe and if you want to see more options visit the boutique online Stylewe. Remember to check the box of measurements before choosing to not have problems with your size, read well the characteristics of each garment as materials, colors, etc. To not have any surprise when you receive your order. It is very easy to buy online. What do you think about the fall? Have you bought before in Stylewe? Tell me in the comments which has been your favorite of this selection.

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  1. Love all those fabulous blouses!! They almost make me wish it was autumn again... almost :)

    Scent of Summer

  2. Gorgeous pieces, I love the tops.




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